Wednesday, January 31, 2018

More dyeing, Testing, Instruction-Writing

I spent yesterday over-dyeing the not-very-black black for the sweater. I still didn't manage to cover the red, which is frustrating. I like the blue, and I think I'll use both as is. That said, I'm not winding it up today. I'm going to focus on the pattern-writing, as I have to work out some details before I knit the prototype.

I've spent the morning working out some of the instructions for the hooded infinity scarf I have been knitting, and it's more complicated than I had realized. Of course I didn't plan to make it a pattern when I knit it up; I just wanted to make some improvements on the last hoodie, but didn't make notes. How silly; I always need this information, so why would I think I didn't? At least I have the hood still, and it's still on the needles. I made a diagram, and I can figure it out enough. If necessary, as I've learned from making a video on how to do the increases on the last hoodie I designed, I can always recreate it without knitting the entire hood -- just the part I'm concerned about.

I was all set on re-starting the swatch for the shawl for my sister, and skeined-up all of the yarn to dye it. And then I decided to delve a little deeper into the components of a shawl I thought I couldn't do, and have decided to try it out. It combines lace and garter stitch, and I'm going to test it in a solid and variegated -- solid for the lace and variegated for the garter. The solid will be similar to one of the colors in the variegated, so they will be nice together. I've been wanting to use this lace pattern for a while, and doing the swatch will help me see how it looks and if I like doing this lace pattern.

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