Monday, January 22, 2018

Planned Color Pooling

I spent a few hours* fiddling with stitch numbers to try to get stacked pooling in the hat band. I thought it would then be easy to get the body of the hat to pool using a multiple of the hat band. But no. There are no slipped stitches in the body, and slipping probably adds a little slack between the stitches, so I got a galaxy effect. (I’m sure galaxy is the technical term...)

After so many attempts, I let it go on the body, and looked forward to whatever was going to happen on the top as I decreased. I’m not disappointed at all by the psychedelic pattern!

Yes, this started out to be a cowl, but I have quite enough cowls, and saw a pattern for a tam I liked, so I went that way instead.

As for the sweater, at some point (maybe during a walk or in the shower) I realized that I had measured the neckline and sleeve caps on sweaters I like, but I made the body to be skin-tight on me, and I want to have a bit of ease. So, back to the drawing board and Excel. I’ve made a couple of my last sweaters too tight, and while snug and tailored is dressier than baggy, I also don’t want to look as if I’ve outgrown them.

*I’m embarrassed to confess the number of hours.

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