Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sweater Details Coming Together

I had a productive day, massaging the measurements in the pattern, adding interim sizes, and generally making some nice adjustments that make sense. At the end of the day (maybe too late in the day for a good night's sleep), I dyed four mini skeins. One was the avocado green I wanted to use with the black in the sweater. I also wanted to try breaking black, but to make it a warmer color, so I added a bunch of yellow.

Stranding with dip-dyed green-black
I dip-dyed this to see if it would break (it didn't), and I got a deep warm brown and a variety of greens. I also dip-dyed red, and on the pale-yellow yarn I got a very pretty range of corals. Then I dip-dyed red mixed with black (and kept adding black) to see if there would be any breaking. No. I got an orange-red. This skein will probably get the black-overdye treatment. n the other hand, the coral will probably get re-skeined and dip-dyed again in the same concentration, to add complexity and smaller color changes to the skein.
Stitch pattern swatch

This morning I had time between appointments, and I mocked up the cardigan from the first color through to the second, including the sleeves. I like it. The colors are exactly what I envisioned, but they aren't right for me. I will test an ice blue to go with the black, and put the blue on top and the black for the body of the sweater. I will test it using my broken black yarn from the other day.

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