Thursday, January 25, 2018

Swatching and Mending

I didn't feel super productive yesterday, though I accomplished a few things.

First, I had some corrections to make on the hooded cowl pattern, per one of my testers. Now the instructions should be perfectly accurate -- my favorite thing. I also added photos to the pattern, so except for the video tutorial, it is probably ready to go. I'm looking for more testers, and need to make more of an effort. It's unfortunately not an easy knit, at the very beginning.

Later, I swatched my new yarns so I could see how they look knit up. I was particularly curious about the one I tied up shibori-style. I am particularly excited about the shibori version, as this technique added a lot of color depth and variety I'd not been able to achieve otherwise. I love the way the yarn looks, and would love to do this with fabric, but for now I'm working with yarn. I see using this technique to overdye other yarn to make it similar enough to work together into a shawl of leftover yarns. Having lots of leftovers in small quantities makes me a little anxious, so finding a way to dye them so that they can be used together makes me really happy.

Red-Black Shibori Double-Dipped Red Green-BlackDipped

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